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Feel clean inside and outside with Colon Hydrotherapy and eleven other therapies. At Vitality and Rejuvenation Clinic you can bring major changes in your health. Remember "Your Health is Your Wealth". Manjit believes without a doubt there is a connection between health, the mind, the body and the spirit. Disease steps in when there is an emotional imbalance, then physical problems surface, syndromes such as fatigue, allergies, hormonal imbalances, toxic overload, organ and structural imbalance, Vitamin and mineral deficiencies to mention a few.Manjit is renowned on Radio, Television and Satellite, for six years she has had a regular programme three times a week. Her programme is seen both in the Uk and across Europe. She is famous for her juicing therapies and has hosted several Health Chat Shows the most recent being in New York.

At vitality and Rejuvenation Clinic, after diagnosis you will be given advice and food support to set you on the road to recovery, you will be given specific juices and options of other treatments, to restore the self-regulating mechanisms of homoeostasis to operate again and healing can begin

A Clinic Specialising in
Colon Hydrotherapy, Allergy Testing, Energy Spa
Treatment, Aromatherapy, Therapeutic and Holistic
Massage, Reflexology, Flower Remedies, Juice Diet, QXCI,
Reiji Healing and Cosmolight Treatment

Testimonial Amanjot

My daughter was suffering from ulcerative colitis since July 2005 was in and out of hospital every couple of weeks. She was on full dose of steroids from July 2005 to Feb 2006. In February 2006 the Doctor’s said they couldn’t do anything else for Amanjat. They said they had to operate and take her colon out, and put a Stoma on. She was only 11 years of age, we did not want that for our daughter. That’s when we decided to go to see Manjit. She started of with a lot of her herbal medicines, within a couple of weeks the difference was seen. She is on all organic food and distilled water. She is doing so well, she is on a less medicine now. She had a camera fest done at the hospital in June, the Doctor was so shocked with the results. The whole colon, which so inflamed on previous occasions, was much much better. She is more energetic than she was before, colour has come back to her face. We are so pleased with her progress.

Testimonial from Mary

I visited Dr Kaur at Vitality House on May 24th for a session of Colonic Irrigation, not realisingthat she had so much more to offer.

She did a thorough assessment of me and showed me how to achieve a new healthier lifestyle. I was overweight to the sum of 3 stone, my Colon was dry and clogged up through years of abuse (eating the wrong foods) and drinking fizzy drinks which are lethal to the body.

I have been following Dr Kaur's suggestions, cutting out all fats (except a little virgin Oi1), an red meat, fizzy drinks, bread, cakes, chocolates. tea and coffee. rice (except a little Brown rice), and have embraced Cous Cous, oily fish, salads and fresh vegetables, Lentils, fresh lemon drinks instead fizzy drinks and I have lost I stone and 6 pounds.

I never dreamt that I would achieve this weight loss, my husband was amazed, he never thought that I would stick to my new lifestyle, my next goal is to get down to 10 stone, which I feel with the guidance of Dr Kaur, I am confident to achieve this.

I shall be continuing to visit Dr Kaur at Vitality House, for more treatments and advice to further improve my health.