Other Treatment Avaliable
that Compliment Colonic Hydroptherapy

Therapeutic and Holistic Massage

Therapeutic massage is beneficial as it relieves chronic muscular tension and pain, improves circulation and joint mobility, reduces mental and physical fatigue and promotes help in healing, including lowering of blood pressure. After therapeutic massage, many individuals experience relaxation and freedom from aches and pains due to tension or repetitive activities. Increased energy, mental awareness and improved productivity usually lasts for days after therapeutic massage. The advantages of therapeutic massage are infinite. Feel free to contact one of our experienced massage therapists today to begin your road to healing and wellness.

This therapy addresses Both Physical and Psychological well being, and helps the body to relax and control Mood Swings, Emotions, Depression, Anxiety, Fear giving Mental and Physical clarity.

G5 Machine

With the G5 machine the lymphatic drainage is improved and impaired circulation is unblocked. This vibrational massage machine is very effective for unreleasing stress, tensions, muscle tightness and stagnation of lymph in the lymph nodes. Whilst the neck is the pivoting point it has a vital role in blood circulation to the head and Oxygen to the brain. Tension in the neck causes blurred vision, temporal cranial headaches and even ear imbalance problems. With the G5 massage blood circulation improves and tension is released leaving the patient relaxed.





Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet and hands which correspond to every part of the body. By stimulating and applying pressure to the feet or hands, you are increasing circulation and promoting specific bodily and muscular functions. Reflexology with a full range of pressure sensors, utilizes the same body system of fight or flight to relax the body." Indeed, the feet and hands are more sensitive than most people realize. Similar to how we use our eyes to detect light, the hands and feet detect pressure, stretch, movement and weight distribution.The feet and hands are viewed as maps or mirrors of the body and by putting pressure on and massaging specific points on the feet or hands it is said to have an effect on the corresponding area of the body.

This treatment works hand in hand with colonic irrigation, because all our reflex organs and glands are based on the soles of the feet and palms of the hands. gentle massaging actually revitalises these organs.


Aromatherapy is a term used to describe the practice of using essential oils taken from plants, flowers, roots, seeds, etc., in healing. The term is a bit misleading, since the aromas of oils, whether natural or synthetic, are generally not themselves therapeutic. Aromas are used to identify the oils, to determine adulteration, and to stir the memory, but not to directly bring about a cure or healing. It is the "essence" of the oil--its chemical properties--that gives it whatever therapeutic value the oil might have.

Furthermore, vapors are used in some but not all cases of aromatherapy. In most cases, the oil is rubbed onto the skin or ingested in a tea or other liquid. Some aromatherapists even consider cooking with herbs a type of aromatherapy.

The energy and the essence of the aromatherapy essential oils helps clear toxins from the skin, aids good circulation, helps one feel good Mentally and Physically.

Flower Remedies

Nature has provided us with everything on Earth Plants, Flowers, Roots, Herbs, Tinctures and Flavours the healing energies are unlimited. We must try to realise the benefits of these essences. Native Australians and Native American Indians have worshipped Mother Nature and the Earth we live on. Having moved away from these and overwhelmed with Allopathic preparations we must realize and appreciate the tremendous healing life force in flower remedies. The energy and vibration from flower remedies are to release blockages, to heal and balance and treat emotional imbalance. In the 21st Century we are plagued with stress, pressure, social economic changes and society as a whole.

The flower remedies have an amazing force to heal the patient. I can help the Patient to unblock channels for their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being and this helps heal, balance, treat and change the bodies negative energy into a positive charge.

You will have a clarity to your goals and dreams, with courage, strength and enthusiasm regain self esteem, confidence, inner peace, joy harmony and blocked channels open and transmit energy into other channels where there is stgnation, and the patient blossoms.

Reiki Healing

Reiki isn't a new invention or fad. Its origins have their roots in an old tradition that has been handed down over the centuries. Today we can use it to complement all other kinds of healing methods. Reiki is also a natural system of great simplicity, since nothing other than your hands are required to carry it out. At the same time, immediate relief can also be attained for all kinds of complaints. This Vibrational technique channels positive energy to the patient, healing and balancing. giving the patient a sense of wellbeing.

Often whilst massaging Reiki treatment is also complimented to ease pain shift blocked energies, and balance the meridian points in the body.

Steam Cabin

The skin is one of the body's largest detoxification organs, as such it should be cared for.

The steam cabin is very beneficial for skin conditions, it helps to open up the pores and hydrates the body, helping to remove toxic waste and lymphatic drainage. You can relax In the steam cabin listening to music of your choice, Essential oils are combined with the steam, a foot spar is included to relax the base of the feet and tone them. You will after a session in the cabin feel fresh and rejuvenated.

The steam cabin is highly recommended before a massage or lymph drainage.




Testimonial from Tracey Carr

My main aim was to lose weight, increase energy and improve our families eating habits. I had suffered from IBS for years and often felt very bloated but still craved food all the time. Manjit has worked with my diet and eating habits, she has also addressed childhood emotions that have been suffered for years together with colon hydrotherapy with the result that I have lost a stone in weight in 8 weeks, feel more relaxed than ever and have more energy all day long. The weight has fallen off my legs, bum and thighs (even though I didn’t think I held weight there) resulting in a drop of two dress sizes, my skin feels soft and smooth all over and I have NO cellulite anymore!! The eating plan takes awhile to get used to but is great now and doesn’t feel like a diet. I still have weight to lose but am confident it will be easy now with Dr Manjits help.

Tracey Carr

Testimonial from Mary
Ivor Buckinghamshire

I visited Dr Kaur at Vitality House on May 24th for a session of Colonic Irrigation, not realizing that she had so much more to offer.

She did a thorough assessment of me and showed me how to achieve a new healthier lifestyle. I was overweight to the sum of 3 stone, my Colon was dry and clogged up through years of abuse (eating the wrong foods) and drinking fizzy drinks which are lethal to the body.

I have been following Dr Kaur's suggestions, cutting out all fats (except a little virgin Oi1), an red meat, fizzy drinks, bread, cakes, chocolates, tea and coffee, rice (except a little Brown rice), and have embraced Cous Cous, oily fish, salads and fresh vegetables, Lentils, fresh lemon drinks instead fizzy drinks and I have lost I stone and 6 pounds.

I never dreamt that I would achieve this weight loss, my husband was amazed, he never thought that I would stick to my new lifestyle, my next goal is to get down to 10 stone, which I feel with the guidance of Dr Kaur, I am confident to achieve this.

I shall be continuing to visit Dr Kaur at Vitality House, for more treatments and advice to further improve my health.