Juice Diet Compliments Colonic Hydrotherapy

In the spring we begin the annual cleaning of our homes. Spring is a time of Vitality and rejuvenation so it is only natural that our homes are cleaned in together with nature, but should our bodies be too?

The cleansing of bodies is often overlooked, even though they are constantly bombarded with toxins that have been consumed, inhaled, or absorbed.

The body is equipped with the defences that are needed to combat these toxic elements, with organs capable of transforming, eliminating, or neutralizing these toxins. However, as with a waste bin overloaded with last week’s garbage, the body can only handle a given amount of toxins.

To eliminate these bodily pollutants, many options are available kick-start the natural cleaning processes carried out by the body’s own mechanisms. Juicing diet and detoxification is one of these options.


Juice diet and detoxification

Whilst making the colon healthy. With colonic treatment, a healthy juice diet is introduced.

Juices will eliminate mucus, phlegm, toxic gasses and dead cells. Herbs, teas, Komboucha, Aloe Vera, Flax seed oil and other natural remedies will all help the colon.

Heavy cooked fried breakfasts slow the body down in the morning. Seventy percent of the body is water hence liquids in the water of juices are essential to maintain good cellular vitality and increased energy and the healing restorative power of juicing is limitless. Your colon is your lifeline it is the organ responsible for the elimination of waste, dead bacteria and cells from the body.

With heavy white flour foods, sweet, teas, coffees and fried foods, smoking and drink you are starving your colon from food that it really needs to function properly.

The juice therapy advice provided at Vitality and Rejuvenation Clinic, specifically for the individual patient, will energize, strengthen the immune system. In addition the raw materials from the recommended juices for your recovery from ailment will help the body to heal quicker and completely. With little effort you are providing your body with an abundance of water, alongside easily absorbed protein, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins.

A Weight loss and Weight Management Programme is also one of Vitality and Rejuvenation Clinic's specialties. In the last decade of the 20th Century changes in farming practices, processed foods have replaced natural foods, chlorinated drinking water, chemical based medicines have replaced traditional medicines. Mankind has adjusted its lifestyle to accommodate the new technology but in doing so have put man's health at risk. Obesity is a major issue across the globe.

Toxins such as internal parasites, viruses, dead cells, candida fungus are plaguing the human body. At Vitality and Rejuvenation Clinic, you will get complete support in a weight loss programme. Obesity is always associated with toxins which are stored in fatty tissues. Here, detox programmes will help eliminate toxins, waste, fats, mucus, parasites and bacteria. Patients experience increased vitality, reduced blood fats, improved assimilation, mental clarity, more efficient metabolism, better bowel movement with hydrotherapy, liver and kidney flushes, lymphatic detoxification and remedies to speed up the burning of brown fat.

Testimonial Sawinder Maidenhead

As I am a ceolic patient with a gluten allergy and have high blood pressure and put on lots of weight, sugar level was unstable, always feeling tired and had a dull pain in the stomach. Since starting my treatment and changing the diet I was eating had made all the problems nearly fade. Starting the day with lemon in warm water, the juice of fresh organic carrots, pears, apples, celery, broccoli, beetroot and baby spinach. Then with fruit or grapefruit at 11 and then a protein or carbohydrate salad, including all the good and natural beans and not fried food and lots of green salad. Then as I had a dairy allergy I had green tea and no butter with low fat humous and benecol spread with wheat free bread or rye bread. I have a vitamin supplement and digestive tablets. I am very happy with my treatment.

Sawinder Maidenhead

Tracey Carr

My main aim was to lose weight, increase energy and improve our families eating habits. I had suffered from IBS for years and often felt very bloated but still craved food all the time. Manjit has worked with my diet and eating habits, she has also addressed childhood emotions that have been suffered for years together with colon hydrotherapy with the result that I have lost a stone in weight in 8 weeks, feel more relaxed than ever and have more energy all day long. The weight has fallen off my legs, bum and thighs (even though I didn’t think I held weight there) resulting in a drop of two dress sizes, my skin feels soft and smooth all over and I have NO cellulite anymore!! The eating plan takes awhile to get used to but is great now and doesn’t feel like a diet. I still have weight to lose but am confident it will be easy now with Dr Manjits help.

Manjit, Tracey