Migun Massage Bed

Migun thermal massage bed is an indispensible personal health care instrument that will not only gradually eliminate pains and discomforts resulting from various haelth conditions, but also enhance immunity system.

The incredible benefits of far infrared rays

The far infrared rays stimulate the cell function, discharge accumulated toxins, increase blood circulation, and loosen all tight muscles. For more than 30 years, the far infrared rays have been beneficially used to treat patients, and the use of these rays for medicinal purposes has proven effective in many physical ailments.

Migun technology combines basic principles of, acupressure, acupuncture and thermotherapy from the East, and chiropractic care style from the West.

1) User-friendly remote control

The remote control for the main and lower body is right at your fingertips. all the functional settings are easily adjusted by the remote control.

2) Wider and longer size

The size of the new model has been enlarged to accommodate different types of users. It is designed not only for comfort, but also for maximum support and individual adjustment.

3) Internal 5 way jade massage head

The size of jade massage heads has been enlarged therby greatly reducing pain and providing gentle sensation of acupressure efficiently
4) New feature in lower body

Users are able to receive the effects of acupressure Nd thermal along the lower body

5) External 2 way jade massage head

It is used to deliver the effects of far infrared rays and acupressure on the neck, face and other confined areas.

6) External 15 way jade massage head

It is used to deliver the effect of far infrared rays and acupressure on the stomach, back, waist and other largely exposed areas