As you will have gathered from reading about the history of Bio-energetic Medicine and its technology, the Asyra AT3 has evolved from thousands of years of development in Chinese medicine and over 50 years of technology refinement.

As a healthcare practitioners you can obtain information directly from the patient’s body to reveal the energetic origins of health challenges and to determine the appropriate treatment or remedy. This can be done in moments, non-invasively, with no practitioner bias. The Asyra AT3 is the ultimate tool for any practitioner seeking to prescribe truly personalised and effective treatment plans.

Uniquely with the Asyra AT3, the protocols against which tests are carried out can be customised. Also, where many other devices on the market lock practitioners into proprietary remedies, with the Asyra AT3, you are free to choose your own means of treatment.

The Asyra AT3 uniquely offers total flexibility to the practitioner, allowing you to:

  • Easily carry out accurate and detailed non-invasive whole-body assessments within minutes.
  • Maximise patient compliance and treatment success. 
  • Customise the software 100% to fit with your preferred remedies and treatment plans.
  • Test remedies against specific challenges and imprint your own energetic remedies

 The Asyra AT3 runs a standard energetic assessment of 40 major organ systems which is called the baseline, and a fully customisable assessment of what remedies can be used to restore balance.

The test libraries include:

Energetic Status of 40 major organs, Nutritional Assessment, Metabolic Disturbance, Dental Profile, Hormonal Profile, Parasites and Infections, Toxicity, Phenolic Sensitivity, Menstrual & Menopausal Problems, Emotional Stressors, Trace Minerals, Vertebral Profile, Miasm Influence, TMJ Stress, Constitutional Influence, Neurotransmitter Disturbance, Environmental Sensitivity, Food Intolerance, Sensitivity and Allergy, Vitamins and Minerals, Cranial Suture, Dental Causation, Herbs, Heavy Metals, NAET and much more!